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Warsaw Medical Center

Warsaw Medical Center is one of the leading medical facilities in Central and Eastern Europe, offering a wide range of commercial health services not only to patients from Europe, but also from around the world for almost twenty years.

We provide the highest quality of health services in accordance with the strict regulations in force in the European Union.

About us

  • - WMC is conveniently located, enabling easy access. The center is located in the heart of the Polish capital, just a few minutes’ drive from the Warsaw Chopin Airport, in close proximity to the A2 motorway (Berlin - Warsaw).

  • - In WMC, health care is provided by the best specialists who have gained experience and recognition working in the best health centers in Poland, as well as in renowned Western European clinics.

  • - WMC uses state-of-the-art medical equipment, in both diagnostics and surgical procedures. As a result, WMC provides medical procedures that are difficult or even impossible to be obtained elsewhere.

  • - WMC consists of 15 specialist outpatient clinics, 4 hospital wards, 4 operating rooms with the most modern equipment, several dozen specialists cooperating with the Center and the same number of supporting (auxiliary) staff.

  • - WMC carries out over a hundred surgical procedures and several hundred medical consultations each month, performed only by the most experienced clinicians, representing a wide spectrum of medical sciences.

  • - WMC’s specialized staff provides professional care to patients in the course of treatment and also supports our patients from abroad during their stay in Poland.


Hello! What's up in Warsaw Medical Center


We do everything to ensure that our patients’ stay at the hospital wards of the Warsaw Medical Center always leads to a quick recovery. It is equally important for us to ensure their stay feels safe and comfortable.


Our Center relies primarily on the team of outstanding specialists. Their knowledge, devotion, kindness and experience gained in the most famous clinics in Poland and around the world allow our patients to recover quickly.


The very best of WMC

  • Hypospadias

    Hypospadias is the most common birth defect of the urethra and penis in boys. It consists in the underdevelopment of the circumferential section of the coil. In...
    11.07.2020Author: WMC
  • A new treatment for sinuses

    Blame dizziness on seasonal weakness, blame migraine on stressful work, and on less bothersome ailments in the form of lack of taste and not as intensely - as always...
    11.03.2020Author: WMC
  • Snore? Do not underestimate the symptoms

    Over a quarter of professionally active Poles suffer from laryngological diseases, but every third person does not receive treatment.
    15.02.2020Author: WMC
  • Sinus treatment

    Doctors from the Warsaw Medical Center were among the first in Poland to introduce the ballooning method of treating paranasal sinusitis. This new method is based...
    11.01.2020Author: WMC

What do people whose opinion is certainly not anonymous say about the WMC, mainly in the medical community? Their opinions will allow you to learn something about WMC that is not mentioned in the official information.

We will work hard to ensure that only positive feedback about WMC remains valid for as long as possible. At the same time, we will try to make those that accurately point to shortcomings become obsolete as soon as possible.



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Warsaw Medical Center is located in Warsaw, close to Fryderyk Chopin Airport and the A2 motorway, which facilitates access for patients from all parts of the world. On request, we provide airport pickup and care during your stay in Warsaw.

People traveling by car have access to a free, monitored car park with a large number of parking spaces. Warsaw Medical Center is not responsible for any damage that may occur at the car park.

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Reception. Arranging visits

Warsaw Medical Center
Warszawskie Centrum Medyczne Sp.z o.o.
Puławska 488, 02-884, Warsaw , VAT No.: 113-27-28-590, REGON: 141454750, account number: 74 1020 1127 0000 1602 0370 2420


Marzena Wikieł
fax 22 201 07 74

Pharmacy department

Katarzyna Garncarek

Technical department

Damian Konopko
fax (+48) 222 010 774


We provide a large number of monitored parking spaces near the building for people traveling by cars. Warsaw Medical Center is not responsible for damage caused in the parking lot.

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