Do you snore? Do not ignore symptoms

Over a quarter of the professionally active persons suffering from diseases of ENT, but every third person is not a cure.

Poles usually complain of problems with snoring or sleep apnea very dangerous night (12.5 percent.), As well as sinus pain and headache, and persistent runny nose (11.3 percent). Frequently we report to the doctor only when symptoms become particularly troublesome. This is the most important conclusions of the study conducted in May by PBS. Despite such troublesome symptoms, only one in six people report to the doctor. And according to experts, can not be downplayed such symptoms. - Seemingly harmless snoring is often the first symptom of a serious and a generalized disease of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA).

As is clear from epidemiological studies, Institute of Tuberculosis and Lung Diseases in Warsaw, OSA may affect up to 1 million people in Poland. Breathing disorders during sleep can be a source or exacerbate the symptoms of existing diseases such as hypertension or pulmonary, coronary and cardiac arrhythmia, but also glucose intolerance and diabetes. Half of the people suffering from sleep apnea have abnormal libido. Men complain of erectile dysfunction, and the ladies have a decreased sex drive.

Sleepiness and fatigue during the day translate into a worse condition, and serious problems with concentration. It is estimated that nearly one third of patients at least once in his life asleep at the wheel, and every second day feel drowsy while driving. In turn, the study of truck drivers conducted in the USA showed that drivers with OSA happens nine times more likely than other road users. According to the doctors the patient with such symptoms should immediately consult a doctor. Unfortunately, the treatment of these symptoms can also result in surgery. content taken from:

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There are ways to "bad blood"

We are weak, tired, we malaise, more often hurts our head, we start to feel the chills, sometimes there is a growing desire, and sometimes - on the contrary - I do not want to drink at all. Nobody in their right mind does not involve these symptoms of a serious disease of the circulatory system. Most often we reach for what we have at hand, but this is not common sense just waiting and dietary supplements, these: eyes, heart, joints, everything.

unfounded fears

This is what most expect from our body, it is to lead to a condition in which the symptoms "go alone". Sometimes, waiting a few weeks will give you the desired effect, but it can also happen that such an effect does not exist. Not all perform blood tests - even when the family doctor, finding enlarged lymph nodes, hands directing the morphology. This is the back of the head appears unreasonable thought it might be better not to know, because maybe it's something as serious as leukemia.

Cooperating with the Warsaw Medical Center Professor. Lech Konopka, a former national consultant in the field of hematology, and at one time director of the Institute of Hematology and Blood Transfusion in Warsaw, calms. - It is not that any disturbance in the hematopoietic system is a serious health problems, and the need for hospitalization. In general, it is not. However, the diagnosis must put a hematologist on the basis of a valuable analytical material. Usually simple to satisfy your doctor tells you restore the balance of the body, but not always evil could be remedied by, for example, regular intake of hematopoietic factors: iron, vitamin B12 or folic acid.

Hostile environment

Prevention is better than cure is a truism that in the case of diseases of the circulatory system is sometimes extremely bitter. In the years since the WTC tragedy comes to light that the day after the September 11, 2001., Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), not wanting to sound alarmist, provided that the air around the "Ground Zero" is safe. Found low levels of asbestos, and lead, and volatile organic compounds in air samples tested reportedly was practically not at all.

It is clear that the New York firefighters who were involved in the rescue, were working on the ruins of the WTC, more likely to develop cancer than those who were not exposed to the inhalation of harmful substances. Analysis of the most lend themselves to statistical generalizations, as Dr. David Prezant, chief. Medical NYFD, studied 11 thousand. firefighters. The work reported in the prestigious medical journal "The Lancet". It is clear that people in contact with dust emanating from the rubble of the WTC, about 19 ​​percent. more likely than their male peers were taken for cancer, also attacking the circulatory system.

Prof. Lech Konopka is convinced that even without such extreme situation of life in the big city is a serious problem for the human cardiovascular system. Evil carry fumes, dust from brake pads, fumes from factories. Harmful substances are found in many parts of interior design. Their number is much greater than the number of costly and time-consuming studies that could demonstrate what is and what is not, and at what concentrations, indifferent to human health. It is known that particularly dangerous polychlorinated dibenzodioxins are, dibenzofurans and biphenyls present even in some cleaning agents commonly used in households.

Mental under pręgieżem

Harmful to the environment falls on a weakened organism that defending against the problems of everyday life, increases the concentration of cytokines. It's a very precise weapon that affects the immune system. Careless its use may lead to dysregulation of the entire system.

Immunology is one of the areas of knowledge without a long list of well-described scientific experiments. One of them was conducted in Sweden. To undergo immune systems scientific observations decided the 41-strong group of students from Stockholm's Karolinska Institutet. It turned out that during the examination session in their bodies registered elevated levels of T-cell organism erected hordes of defenders in an alarm condition such as during a virus attack. The greater the stress we experience, including greater speed running our immune system. Długotrwający alert reduces the effectiveness of the force response in the event of a real attack from the outside.

The genes mutated

Stress increases misfortune, but you have to remember that evil arises early, very early. Doctors from the Medical Research Council Molecular Haematology Unit (MRCMHU) at Oxford believe that the so-called cells. przedbiałaczkowymi born every hundredth person. These are the people who disrupted the DNA strands are combined in the wrong place. U 1 percent. specific unlucky additionally comes to unwanted mutations.

The cells przedbiałaczkowych knows almost everything functioning in MRCMHU prof. Tariq Enver. Almost everything, because the question of how to affect it, that they are not a threat to humans, neither he nor anyone else has not found a clear answer.

viruses scare

In the opinion of laymen for diseases of the hematopoietic system are facing unwanted genetic changes. It's just a truth, in addition to just under.

Infectious mononucleosis - acute self-limiting lymphoproliferative disease of blood, is an example of pointing to another cause health problems. Disease in either form is caused by the Epstein-Barr virus (EBV). Safety recommendations are extremely simple - to be avoided above all the saliva of patients, convalescents and people who have had asymptomatic infection. Recommendations are right, but how to fill them if the disease spreads through the chain of infection in asymptomatic and therefore very difficult to establish contact with the patient.

In developing countries, children under five years of age, specific antibodies are detected in 80 - 90 percent. respondents. In countries, industrialized countries this rate is about half that. Thus, paradoxically, by far the greater risk applies to people living in good economic conditions. Full-blown infectious mononucleosis develops in one in five infected.

Experimental testing of vaccines against Ebola testify to the fact that the fight against certain diseases, hematology experts are not in the final straight.

Experimental and effective

Methods for inactivation of blood cancer are becoming more accurate. With the discovery of the Philadelphia chromosome ascertain the reasons for the formation of myeloid leukemia. Translocation is responsible for the evil part of the genetic material between chromosomes 9 and 22 The consequence of these changes is the emergence of pathological gene BCR-ABL. This knowledge has allowed the development of a drug acting directly on the cause of the cancer. It's a different league compared to the specifics - often unsuccessfully - to minimize the effect of the disease.

In the treatment of cytogenetic studies are needed to enable the diagnosis of chromosomal aberrations in cancer cells.

Sometimes, however, that the success was not determined by painstaking work, and luck of fate. This was the case Vemurafenibu, BRAF inhibitor, a drug approved for the treatment of advanced melanoma. It has been discovered that it is effective in the treatment of hairy cell leukemia rare (HCL).

- Orally ingested drug completely removes the cancer cells - provides leading research professor. Salvador Macip of the University of Leicester. The problem is that scientists do not know how the drug worked. This knowledge is necessary, because only then we can talk about the optimal use of the therapy.

Unfounded fears (epilogue)

Prof. Lech Konopka, who knows the latest developments in the field of medicine, hematology, calms the blood disease only in a few cases end with a diagnosis of neoplastic changes, and these are treated with increasingly better results. As a rule, alarming symptoms include changes much more mundane. Accurate diagnosis can only make the best specialist, and such work every day from Warsaw Medical Center.



Limfoarmia internal response

Every day we issue the private use of the largest and the smallest army in the world at the same time. Several tens of billions of soldiers, diligently guarding our body - it sounds impressive. Another thing that you are defenders of the volume of three teaspoons of tea.

Lymphocytes special purpose

The pride of the armed forces, in which the ministry is white blood cells, are elite troops landing lymphocytes. They form a rapid response group. B cells have a precise and rapid-gun - antibodies. In a second lymphocyte may be discarded in the direction of the opponent hail missiles composed of several thousands of antibodies. This rapid-gun, but due to their design, one-sided, does not work in the fight against any type of opponent. Fortunately, a special purpose mobile units are not fighting alone for too long, because they come to their rescue T-cell line troops if necessary interferon, ultra relay, sends reports to the headquarters of the command, and this triggers the next unit cell. Mobilisation starts in the lymph nodes, in serious infections because these nodes to increase. It is a sign that the fight was made.

T cells have a fairly broad spectrum of Destruction, also have a well-developed communications on the battlefield. No wonder, are trained in the elite military academy - in an organ called the thymus. Unfortunately, the human body does not have sufficient manpower and resources to maintain the organ in full operation for several years. The apogee of thymic activity falls in the period between 18 and 20 years old man. Later, the training of young cadres is becoming less intense. Sometimes the military academy permanently closes its doors.

Shortages of trained personnel can mean trouble with the proper commanding. It is not easy to lead an effective fight against the enemy, who - as few people - possessed the art of camouflage. In terms blitzkrieg of a tragic mistake not difficult. The diagnosis of mine - others, is based on identification cards that contain the same code HLA (Human Leukocyte Antigens). This method usually works. Problems can arise when your go on a foreign website.

In the fight against treacherous enemy can not overstate the role of counterintelligence. For this service are excellent T cells that have achieved mastery in your working traitors. Lymphocytes learned to recognize the structure of their cell cancer. Expose them for the sight of other antigen (TAA Tumor Associated Antigens). Counterintelligence officers once assigned to decipher indication of abnormal cells begin to emit alarm signals in the form of an enzyme called lysozyme. It's one of the better known natural factors that inhibit microbial growth. Lysozyme chords and heavy artillery - macrophages. Their troops massed attack annihilate cancer cells. Counterintelligence even for a moment can not lower vigilance, as in the human body are created every day approx. 4 thousand. suspicious cells.

Granulocytes - gray infantry

As with any army, in the defense system of human elite units are not too numerous. Lymphocytes are a small percentage of cells of the immune system. It is the backbone of the army, but its skeleton is built based on the legions of granulocytes. They are the 60 percent. of all leukocytes (white blood cells). They are durable, survive from 6 to 12 hours. Some of them is capable of phagocytosis, which is simply to swallow the opponent. In case of alarm ranks granulocytes are thrown into the action, but also perform daily patrol. Granulocytes, together with subunits of macrophages (literally - the big eaters), remove from the area of direct hostilities living organisms and dead: dust, viruses, bacteria.

The enemy never sleeps

There are many places of dislocation cells of the immune system. We find them not only in the elite military academy - the thymus, but also .: in the spleen, bone marrow, and the respiratory system. As much as 80 percent. units forming part of the immune system in the intestinal tract. There are stationed so. lymphatic granules, which at the behest produce antibodies.

Without sustained action offensive - defense, executed by legions of leukocytes, does not survive for even one day. Meanwhile, unhygienic and even reckless lifestyle does not make it easy task guardians of our system. Snoozing their vigilance, forcing the intervention, which should not occur, we commit to action, even if the enemy does not attack.

Sometimes there that deliberately lowering the body's defenses. For this purpose, devised taking immunosuppressive drugs. As a result, before przemęczonymi and somewhat confused mikroobrońcami repulse enemy attack becomes much more difficult task than it should be.

Described in the literature fiction frontal attack is coming from the sea, land and air. In the case of the human respiratory invasion is much more. Leukocytes guard must .: mucosa, respiratory, intestinal epithelium, and even damaged skin. A large part of the external microworld placed himself in a hostile camp to us, and yet too often behave carelessly.

Working for the enemy

We facilitate the task of the enemy even smoking cigarettes. One session with cigarette makes for a few minutes palsy, lining the upper respiratory tract, epithelial cilia. And these cilia serve important functions prohibitive. Smokers, burning one pack of cigarettes a day off for at least six hours dam engineering. In this way, viruses and bacteria have an easier task.

Providing the defense, the immune system can effectively impede, burden on the digestive tract eating just anything and anyhow. Proper diet should consist of at least a half of vegetables, fruit, and only 20 percent. of meat (mainly fish) and dairy products. Important are low-processed grain products (of coarse flour). A diet rich in błonnikpoprawia peristalsis. This creates optimal conditions conducive to proper operation of the immune system.

Privacy multithreaded

There is a belief that yogurt, especially those with live cultures of bacteria, improve immunity. This type of milk drinks are to support children's natural immunity. But remember that not everything on the way to store shelves had contact with the so-called. good bacteria, probiotics can be called.

The beneficial effects on the human body have only certain strains of bacteria, and is supplied in an amount to provide the so-called. critical mass (the minimum number of living micro ppm determined in 1 mm or 1 g). In a smaller quantity will not survive wandering through the stomach and will establish salutary colonies in the intestines. We're on our purchase biojogurtów, bioserków, because in home conditions with milk pasteurized or UHT milk does not get sour. Check you on the product appear accurate determination of bacteria, for example. Bifidobacterium (genus) lactis (species) DN-173 010 (strain).

Probiotics are not a panacea. Probably will never be used in the event of serious illness, surely they can not be administered to patients with diseases that cause internal bleeding, necrosis or perforation of the walls of organs. Sometimes better than probiotics are prebiotics. They stimulate the growth of normal gut flora, but unlike bacteria do not contain probiotics, only substances that stimulate their growth.

It is still not clear whether the sap of the plant Asteraceae Echinacea actually reduces by half the risk of catching the infection. The fact that it is so said Dr. Craig Coleman of the University of Connecticut School of Pharmacy. Scientist cites in this regard the results of several studies on the effect of taking the juice from the plant to the human immune system.

One thing is certain. The immune system is shaped by the first two years of life, so it is important to breastfeed. Breast milk contains prebiotics to create favorable conditions for the construction of optimal bacterial flora.

Natural Born Killers

Scientists do not know everything about the functioning of the immune system, and for years trying to persuade him to deal with cancer. Scientists representing School of Medicine wUniversity of Washington observed that sometimes the immune system can effectively inhibit the tumor grows, because of the regular killing of tumor cells. Disintegration is however not fast enough to reduce or eliminate the tumor. This war of attrition in which no party obtains a strong advantage. The disease does not disappear, but it also does not develop.

Scientists would not be scientists if they do not try to support the nature of the struggle between good and evil. Experts from London's Imperial College, University College and the National Institute for Medical Research surrendered effect of genetic engineering, present in the blood stem cells. Transformed it into white blood cells called natural born killers (NK ​​natural killer). These specific robocopy would fulfill special tasks. Sent to them on the front lines, which takes a regular fight: cancer, multiple sclerosis and type 1 diabetes NK burrow channels in the membrane of diseased cells and annihilate them from the inside.

Scientific experiments moved up into space. Bacteria after a stay in weightlessness are more virulent than on Earth. Their attack Fred Haise experienced participant Apollo 13 Astronaut after returning to Earth for a few weeks ill with a unique acute infection of the prostate. Jeanne Becker of the National Space Biomedical Research Institute believes that staying in an unknown environment is a battery for the stress to which the organism responds biochemical defense mechanism. Microbe creates a new configuration of proteins. This is a serious challenge to the human immune system. The greater that it turned out that the lack of gravity affects the human genes. Measure of weightlessness were grown culture of human kidney cells. After a stay in space was observed dramatic changes in the expression of 1.6 thousand. genes.

salutary fatigue

No need to move into space to noticeably lead to changes in the immune system. This time positive. Just do not forget about physical exercise in the open air. The effort might be too much to say, just intense walk. Blood oxygenation increases the activity of macrophages and causes an increase in the number of T-lymphocytes provides the prof. Steve Field, chairman of the Royal College of General Practitioners (an organization representing the interests of family doctors in the UK). Prof. Steve Field studied a thousand people in the autumn - winter for at least 20 minutes several times a week regularly practiced physically. It turns out that people systematically moving "catch" colds by half less than those for which the sport is only empty-sounding word. Prof. Steve Field, there is no doubt that physical activity supports the smooth functioning of the immune system. Colloquially we speak of hardening of the body.

loneliness bad

Beware should not only idle, but also loneliness. Prof. Steve Cole of the University of California at Los Angeles, is convinced that loneliness reduces the effectiveness of the immune system. Over 200 genes loners is distorted in part, responsible for the immune system. In the opinion of Professor. Steve Cole, lonely people are more vulnerable to disease and death at a younger age.

Beware of coup

Antigens are to protect us from the insidious effects of the enemy, but as a shotgun, which once a year she shoots such antibodies may be dangerous to other organisms. This is the work of so-called haptens - haptens. They form around the selected proteins someone else's body shell paralyzing normal life processes. At the risk of allergies are particularly vulnerable. U "uczuleniowców" there may be blemishes on the skin, numbness of limbs, dizziness, headache, nausea.

It also happens that the haptens break the marriage. It is hard to wise counsel when it turns out that a woman's body reacts strongly allergic to sperm of her husband. Antigens are also capable of murder, because as a result of their actions can suddenly cease heartbeat. These types of interventions carried out by representatives of the immune system away from the guarded borders, some call stabilization missions. But not everyone accept them.

One thing is certain, the immune system will not allow to ignore. The immune system is considered the nervous system, for the second in terms of specific intelligence. Possessed the ability to remember and evaluation of stimuli, is able to respond to impulses in an optimal way for the safety of the human body. As a result, the man usually acquires resistance to disease, unless previously come into contact with the infection or receive protective vaccination. Sometimes, however, the answer for preventive side limfoPretorian sometimes disproportionately strong in relation to the threat.


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Speech therapy

We invite you to subscribe for consultation in the field of speech therapy. We therapy, speech therapy and counseling diagnosis. We provide speech therapy services for adults and children, in terms of: - correction of speech defects (lisp, reranie, unvoiced speech); - Supporting the development of linguistic communication in children. Prevention of Speech. Learning proper breathing, chewing, biting off and swallowing. (Speech is a function of secondary articulatory apparatus. Functions prymarnymi are: breathing, swallowing, chewing, biting. Improper configuration of one of the above functions will in future have a negative impact pronunciation of the child and for the construction of the bite and the efficiency of articulatory apparatus). - Therapy of stuttering people; - Treatment of delayed speech development in children; - Auditory training; improving speech therapy of children and adults who use hearing aids and / or cochlear implant; - Rehabilitation of voice and speech after laryngectomy surgery with the use of all available therapeutic methods. Science esophageal voice, voice dump using tracheoesophageal prosthesis - esophageal ie. PROVOX® system and learning to speak using laryngophone. - Re-education of speech in patients with aphasia (patients after stroke and / or other neurological incident); - Streamlining dyzartrycznych patients (people with disabilities breathing, phonation, and articulation caused physical damage to parts of the central and / or peripheral nervous system. During the course include Parkinson's disease, Wilson's disease, ALS-stawrdnienie amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, mechanical injuries, etc.). When should I take it to a speech therapist? - If your baby sleeps with his mouth open; - When it repealed the crack lips; - Have problems with self-cleaning the nose; - A frequent catarrhal infections; - Bites off sideways; - When swallowing slips gently tongue between his lips; - Infant has problems with sucking chest; - If your child is replaced by some other phones, for example. Instead of "water" will say "fota"; - In your opinion differs greatly in the development of language from their peers; - Sometimes absent and has trouble concentrating; - If there are problems with illiquid speaking; - If your child has problems with learning, writing or reading to therapy we use elements of the scope and methods of sensory integration Krakow with particular emphasis symultaniczno-sequential learning to read. Joanna Chmielewska

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Ballons in the sick bay

Dizziness you drop attributed to seasonal weakness, migraine blame for a stressful job, and less burdensome symptoms in the form of lack of taste and not so intensely - as always - felt odors at all waving hand? Wrongly, because all of these symptoms may be the result of seriously ill bays.


This bizarre situation in which more than 4.5 million adult Poles struggling with sinusitis, and half of them do not have the faintest idea that there lies the cause of their ailments.

The problem will continue to grow, because it turns out that one in four people with allergies, rhinitis fighting, there is a persistent sinusitis.

In the risk group are people whose body can not defend itself against attack staph, and this is no small group, considering the fact that the carrier of persistent bacteria is at third man. Not the end. Sinus disease easier to develop in people with cystic fibrosis, asthma, and allergic to aspirin.


For trouble ... balloon

The fastest otolaryngologist may help, but not everyone, but one who knows how to diagnose the source of the trouble, and - just as importantly - to remedy the evil.

The task is not a trivial, and it is because the bay is difficult to treat, especially those called sieve. The problem is, above all, their location (of the brain divides them just fine badge). Not the end. It is true that enters them from a few to several roads, so-called. escape, but you have to have a real ability to precisely locate them in the real maze of delicate tissue.

Treatment of sinus sieve is difficult. New quality in overcoming the evil introduced specialists from the Department of Otolaryngology, Military Medical Institute in Warsaw (WIM), headed by prof. Dariusz Jurkiewicz. Introduced is a good term because it actually comes to putting the bay sieve steroid drug, which will take effect only after reaching the fire of inflammation.


Warsaw Medical Center at the forefront

The forerunner of this method is the WIM and co-worker from Warsaw Medical Center (WMC) Dr. Kornel Szczygielski. It was he - like the first - conducted in Poland (WIM and WMC's) treatment consisting of placement in the bay sieve miniature balloon with steroid drug. With this embodiment specificities for several weeks gradually permeates through the semipermeable coating, combating inflammation exactly at the point where threatened. This method also works well when traditional drug administration does not produce the desired result. Warsaw Medical Center for several years specializing in this type of surgery.


Pip escape bay sieve

Balonikowania technique is also used as an important function, namely, to clearing blocked sinus ostia sieve. This is important, because the sick bay of the most troubled when their mouth they become clogged. It should therefore be expanded. It does this specially designed balloon, inside which there is a fourfold excess pressure in the tire is a passenger car. Use it within a few seconds sliding are too narrow sinus passages. No pain, blood, and long healing surgical wounds.


Secrets of the bay sieve

Treatment technique used in the WMC is one of the least invasive methods used in this type of diseases bay sieve. So far, what was troubling removed. Resection was performed throughout the secretory portions of channels, the role of which in the human body - so really today know very little.

It is believed that the delicate structure of the front of the skull are the kind of crumple zones ensure the protection of the brain during an accident. It is also said of the resonance cavity amplifying the voice timbre. The crux of the matter, however, is still a mystery.

It is known that for the proper functioning of the body are important Italian film covering the bays. They constantly moving, surging force in the bays secretions to move in the direction of the nose and throat. With these hairs body gets rid of germs, bacteria and fungi, newcomers to the area bays. Not without reason in the secretory ducts is a liquid that hardly fits in two glasses. Gulf defend the body against microbes also use located here in aseptic trace amounts of nitric oxide.


The balloon is not at all

The desirability of subtle effects on the bay mesh is obvious, but note that after their removal balonikowania technique can not be used. The same happens when the sinus polyps are attacked.

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